What are the results you are getting with your FB ads?

Are you reading your results right? If you are like a lot of people you might not be sure how to do that, but now that you are creating the right kinds of ads with the right targeting, it’ll get much easier to read your results.
But like all things Facebook… they don’t make it easy.

So what elements are important to track?

With in the ads manager, Facebook gives you the ability to break down the results of your ads in many ways. From, likes add and cost per like, to conversions and cost per conversion, right down to how much it cost to get someone to register for your upcoming program! Wouldn’t it be great to have that kind of information at your fingertips?

For starters you really want to know:

1) What did the ad cost you
2) How many people did the objective you set the ad up for
3) How much did each of those actions cost you
Here’s a screen shot of one of my ads that shows just this (I”m super happy with these results BTW)
So we are seeing 3 ad “sets” (I explain the three pieces of ad set up on FB in the Masterclass too) the top one shows 67 “results” which mean 67 people opted in, at a cost of $1.94 each (that’s $1.94 per email address added to my list), I reached over 5000 people in that one ad set and spent only $5.00 per day. That’s just the top result. And that’s the info you need to collect if you want to know if running FB ads are working for you.
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