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Are you using Facebook Ads Effectively?

It seems these days that Facebook ads are becoming all the rage, everyone is wanting to learn how to do them, how to make them convert and how to have the best ad out there. It’s hard to top the competition if you don’t know how to create high converting Facebook ads to draw in the right market the one you’re trying to attract. Are you stuck trying to figure out how to make your Facebook ads convert and then recreate that same process over and over again? ... → Read more

Guest Post – 7 Steps for Finding and Preparing for Networking Events

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Michelle Roberts to my blog. Michelle is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who has overcome many challenges in her life on her way to building a successful career that not only includes a flourishing travel business, but a non-profit charity that feeds over 5000 children a year. Michelle is truly a fighter and a winner and this article is step one of her book,  7 Steps for Finding and Preparing for Networking Events. I hope enjoy this article. Michelle’s links to connect with her are at the bottom of the article. ... → Read more