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Work Your Facebook Magic With Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences

This is Facebook magic at its best. You can choose to install a tracking code on your website and build an audience of people who have visited your site, then run ads to them on Facebook. The code is created by Facebook and is inserted on the backend of your website. It can be a bit technical if you don’t work with coding every day, so just generate the code and send it to your web person. Facebook does give you instructions if you want to do it yourself. ... → Read more

Reach and Engagement – Finding Fan Habits

When are your fans online?

You can find out when the majority of people that like you are online. Click on “Insights” which is only seen by the admin of your page. Here is an overview of your page and analytics.


Click on the tab for “Posts” FB will show you when your fans are on FB. Most people don’t come back to your page once they like it. They are banking on seeing your posts in their feed. Pick the two peak times of the day and schedule your posts when most of your connections are online. ... → Read more

Reach and Engagement – a New Standard

Reach and Engagement – a New Standard

Why is it so important? This is a much-debated, hot topic. It’s one of those foundational items that can make a big difference in the success of your business. Sales is a numbers game, as is reach and engagement. By itself, reach and engagement are not going to put money in the bank. ... → Read more