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Does the latest Facebook update scare you? Don’t let it, it’s good news IF…

Have you been seeing those posts lately about the Facebook Algorithm and how it’s out to get you as a small business owner?

It’s all over the newsfeed and everyone is talking about it and making wild claims. I’ve even heard it called the Facebook Apocalypse by some marketers. It’s crazy!

First of all, this kind of fear-mongering helps no one and second, Facebook is NOT out to get you and they aren’t trying to shut down small business. ... → Read more

Is everything going as planned?

My 2018 has not started as I had planned… I thought I would get so much done in the first week of Jan around cleaning my house and marketing my upcoming program that I’d be way ahead of the game, instead, I was taken out with a horrific cold and laryngitis that mutated into a sinus infection and I haven’t gotten much more done that binging the Bates Motel show with my son and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with my daughter. ... → Read more

5 Types of ads to use with The Ultimate Facebook Ads Formula

Now that you’ve claimed The Ultimate Facebook Ads template and workbook and you’ve had a chance to work through it, you must be thinking about all the different ways you can use this formula in your ads.

Well, I’m happy to say that this formula will work on many different ad types and I wanted to share my top 5 ad objectives you can use it on. ... → Read more

Facebook’s Recent Changes Are A Good Thing For Business

Recently Facebook made another change to the way our Facebook page posts are viewed, or not in some people’s minds. It seems that Facebook will be giving greater reach to posts that come from your friends than from businesses – organically. Now since Facebook was set up as a social network for people to connect with people this isn’t a bad move right? Since people complain about too many people doing business on Facebook it isn’t bad, right? Here’s the thing… my friends and family’s posts should come first; I agree with that. Then relevant business posts should come next for me. And how does Facebook know what’s relevant to me? Based on my previous engagement is one of the keys, so if I haven’t engaged with any of your posts for awhile, then I likely won’t keep seeing your posts, sounds good to me, too! After all, why would I want my newsfeed cluttered up with posts from people and businesses I haven’t engaged with for awhile, right? Now some are saying your organic reach will go as long as 1%… that’s ok too and here’s why. ... → Read more

Facebook Page Changes July 2016

Nothing I love more than waking up to a new Facebook… did you get the changes to your page overnight? Here’s what happened on my pages.


So pretty much everything right?  Let’s go through it:

#1 – Your page profile image is moved to the side, so it no longer covers any of your cover image. I like this change actually, now people have a clear view of your cover image without your face or logo interfering. ... → Read more

Facebook Makes it Possible for Pages to Start Private Messages with their Fans!

Apparently, all of a sudden, business pages can now reply in a private message to anyone who comments on your post on Facebook!

Look here: 1private_message_reply_to_comments_as_your_page

This Is awesome because now you can take the conversation to a much more private and intimate level with someone right for the page. We didn’t have the ability to engage our fans like this before because Facebook, understandably didn’t want marketers to be bothering their fans with promotional private messages, but now, after someone has engaged enough to leave you a comment to your post, you can private message them and build on that relationship! ... → Read more

Having Trouble Sharing Posts as Your Page? Here’s the Fix!

Having Trouble Sharing Posts as Your Page? Here’s the Fix!

The new year is well underway and many of us are seeing change across the board. Facebook is no exception; they’ve rolled out their own upgrades and updates that transform the way we see and interact with the platform.


I’ve been getting lots of questions from people about the ability to share something onto their page, AS their page not working. People everywhere are getting an error message that basically says, “(your page name) doesn’t accept posts to it’s timeline…” when trying to share content from another page onto their page. Well, I don’t know if this is permanent or not, but I’ve found a work around. I’ve got four screenshot images to share with you, explaining how to overcome this change, see below. ... → Read more