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Top 5 Ways to Grow your Email List

Growing your email list is probably the most important thing you can do in your business right now, especially if you are working to leverage the power of social media whether you have a virtual business or a more traditional business.

But where do you get started? How do you get people to subscribe to your newsletter and then what do you say to them after they do sign up? ... → Read more

Guest Post – 5 Reasons Why You Should be Using an Auto-Responder – Gina Mortimer Storr

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using an Auto-Responder

The only reason anyone ever captures a lead, is to build a relationship with them. Unlike a bricks and mortar corner store where we are likely to see repeat customers walking in all the time, online businesses have to rely on other methods to engage visitors.

One of the most effective is the use of Autoresponders. As the name implies, an auto responder is, simply put, an automated response and there are many tools that will allow you to control the automation. ... → Read more