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Are you using Facebook Ads Effectively?

It seems these days that Facebook ads are becoming all the rage, everyone is wanting to learn how to do them, how to make them convert and how to have the best ad out there. It’s hard to top the competition if you don’t know how to create high converting Facebook ads to draw in the right market the one you’re trying to attract. Are you stuck trying to figure out how to make your Facebook ads convert and then recreate that same process over and over again? ... → Read more

Work Your Facebook Magic With Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences

This is Facebook magic at its best. You can choose to install a tracking code on your website and build an audience of people who have visited your site, then run ads to them on Facebook. The code is created by Facebook and is inserted on the backend of your website. It can be a bit technical if you don’t work with coding every day, so just generate the code and send it to your web person. Facebook does give you instructions if you want to do it yourself. ... → Read more

Facebook Ads – Become an Expert

Facebook Ads – Valuable Tool

Facebook can be a really valuable tool for your business, if you know how to use it. I’d like to present you with a brief overview of FB ads as well as some tips and tricks of the trade.

Check out my last blog post with tips on increasing reach and engagement HERE.

Now, down to business. There are three basic types of advertisements available on FB: ... → Read more

Create and Boost a Post – Getting it Done Right

FB Posts – How to Create and Boost a Post

In the last blog posts, we discussed the following:

– finding the two best times to post using FB Insights
– creating a theme for each day as a guide for your posts
– scheduling, monitoring and responding to posts, including the results

Check out the previous post here for more details.

Why Boost a Post?

Now, why, how and when should I boost a post? All great questions. You will want to boost a post to get the most amount of traction with the smallest amount of money. Don’t boost every post you make or you’ll go broke! Look for posts that have the most replies, the most likes. Only put money on a post if it will help you accomplish your goals. And remember all ads have specific goals attached to them, boosting a post is great for increasing your reach and engagement on your page, it won’t necessarily get you more likes on your page, although there may be a few, but generally, boosted posts are intended to increase reach and engagement. If the goal of running the ad is different than that, then running a different kind of post might be a better choice for you. ... → Read more