Reach and Engagement – Scheduling Posts

Reach and Engagement – Scheduling Posts

Reach and engagement are becoming increasingly important. One of the best ways to reach and engage your audience is through posts. It’s recommended to post three to five times each day! Do you have the time? One way to manage time spent on social media is to schedule posts in advance.

Questions on scheduling with FB? Here is how:

Type in your enticing, engaging post WITH photos.
Instead of clicking “Publish” click the drop down arrow menu and chose “Schedule”.
Then, choose your date and continue. See the two screen shots below.


How invested are you in the process? Make sure you respond and build a conversation. Position yourself as an expert.  Occasionally share quotes from mentors or people you aspire to be. Know WHEN to post and do your research on WHAT to post. Finally, use a business page, not your personal profile.

Stay tuned for next week when we I show you how to find out when the majority of your fans are online and WHEN is the best time to post in order to maximize your reach.

Now, go get scheduling!

Sherri-Lee Woycik

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