2017 Badass Success Planner Sessions – Part 5 – Using Facebook to Get more Clients and Customers!

Start planning how you’ll use Facebook to get more clients and customers with Part 5 of the 2017 Badass Success Planner and then register for the Facebook for Business Made Easy challenge starting on Monday, Jan 30 and get the planner as a bonus. Sign Up Here

Check out the part 5 video and start getting more clients from Facebook NOW! ... → Read more

2017 Badass Success Planner Sessions – Part 4

Today in our Facebook Live video, we talked about keeping your daily “to-do” list down to a dull roar and focusing on the ONE THING that, when you do it will make everything else easier for you… so have a quick watch and let me know what you think!

Check out the part 4 video and be sure to join me on my FACEBOOK PAGE tomorrow for Part 5. And if you’d like your own 2017 Badass Success Planner and to join me in the Facebook for Business Made Easy FREE, 5-day challenge, CLICK HERE! ... → Read more

2017 Badass Success Planner Sessions – Part 3

Now you know how you want to FEEL. You know what you want MORE of and what you want LESS of as well. NOW, let’s start talking, planning and setting some goals that are created to set us up for success!! Because that’s what I want for you, massive success in 2017!

Check out the part 3 video and be sure to join me on my FACEBOOK PAGE tomorrow for Part 4. And if you’d like your own 2017 Badass Success Planner and to join me in the Facebook for Business Made Easy FREE, 5-day challenge, CLICK HERE! ... → Read more

2017 Badass Success Planner – Part 2

Now that we know how we want to FEEL in 2017, it’s time to start sorting out, what things will lead us towards FEELing what we want and what things aren’t helping and in fact might be taking us away from how we want to FEEL. Knowing these things will help us to determine which offers/opportunities help us to FEEL the way we want, which will make us more likely to stick with it when times get tough and help us create the life of our dreams. ... → Read more

2017 Badass Success Planner – Part 1

This time of year is all about the resolutions, isn’t it? Ever since Dec, all we’ve heard is what is your goal for 2017, what is your word to guide you and much more. Yet rarely do we do more than set the goal and then a few weeks later, we end up feeling sad and depressed because we haven’t made a move towards the goal, I mean how do we GET to these huge, lofty goals, if we keep doing the same things we did before? We need daily, focused steps to help us achieve those big goals… setting them is just the first step, then we need to have a system and plan as to what we are going to do to GET to them. ... → Read more

Top 5 Reasons you should be using Facebook Live in your business!

Facebook Live is the hottest new tool to build connections and grow your business on Facebook.


It’s live, instant and easy to do.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically live stream video of you right from your phone to your page, profile or group. What a great way to create content for your page, connect with your audience and deliver your message! ... → Read more

From Burned Out to BulletProof

I’ll be honest. I don’t drink coffee. I stopped it years ago, when I started really having health issues because of the sheer volume I was drinking. I was having tea in the morning to get going, then crashing after noon, so I’d have a coffee while I was out with the kids, then hit the bricks again around 4, have another one to get me through dinner and bedtime, then by 8 I’d crash again. And I was grumpy!! Man, was I grumpy. Totally happy when I’d had my cuppa joe, then super, super crabby and grumpy when it burned off. And I wasn’t sleeping well. Even if I stopped coffee early in the day I still didn’t sleep well and so I’d get up tired and the cycle started all over again. ... → Read more

Top 5 Groups on Facebook to Grow your Business!

We all know that groups are powerful tools to use on Facebook. They provide us with an opportunity to get to know people on a whole different level. Since groups are usually based on a theme or topic not a business per se, we get to meet people we share common interests with and get to build deep relationships with them over a shared interest. ... → Read more

Facebook’s Recent Changes Are A Good Thing For Business

Recently Facebook made another change to the way our Facebook page posts are viewed, or not in some people’s minds. It seems that Facebook will be giving greater reach to posts that come from your friends than from businesses – organically. Now since Facebook was set up as a social network for people to connect with people this isn’t a bad move right? Since people complain about too many people doing business on Facebook it isn’t bad, right? Here’s the thing… my friends and family’s posts should come first; I agree with that. Then relevant business posts should come next for me. And how does Facebook know what’s relevant to me? Based on my previous engagement is one of the keys, so if I haven’t engaged with any of your posts for awhile, then I likely won’t keep seeing your posts, sounds good to me, too! After all, why would I want my newsfeed cluttered up with posts from people and businesses I haven’t engaged with for awhile, right? Now some are saying your organic reach will go as long as 1%… that’s ok too and here’s why. ... → Read more

Facebook Page Changes July 2016

Nothing I love more than waking up to a new Facebook… did you get the changes to your page overnight? Here’s what happened on my pages.


So pretty much everything right?  Let’s go through it:

#1 – Your page profile image is moved to the side, so it no longer covers any of your cover image. I like this change actually, now people have a clear view of your cover image without your face or logo interfering. ... → Read more