It’s not all about you!

I’ve got a news flash for you. If you are a business owner posting on your FB page about your business, your offers, your products etc, you are the reason your reach sucks. Not FB’s algorithm change. As one famous Youtube star says… it’s not all about you.

And if all you do is post about you, you will not like your results.

Stop creating selfish egocentric content that only promotes you.

Stop overtly trying to sell to people before they even know who you are.

Stop making it all about you.

Stop taking everything SO personally.

And STOP complaining that your shitty results are Facebook’s fault.


Start making it all about your customers, clients, prospects, audience and fans.

Start educating.

Start having FUN with your Facebook posts.

Start planning it out a little instead of making it up as you go.

Start getting to know people instead of trying to sell right out of the gate.

Start seeing your posts as MARKET RESEARCH and learn from them.

I’ve heard the new algorithm change called Facebook Apocalypse, but really, I think it’s a day of reckoning…

The shitty marketers will get shitty results and will likely complain it’s all Facebook’s fault and the good marketers who are focused on getting to know their prospects, entertaining people, building relationships and are open to learning will thrive!

Which are you?

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