Is everything going as planned?

My 2018 has not started as I had planned… I thought I would get so much done in the first week of Jan around cleaning my house and marketing my upcoming program that I’d be way ahead of the game, instead, I was taken out with a horrific cold and laryngitis that mutated into a sinus infection and I haven’t gotten much more done that binging the Bates Motel show with my son and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with my daughter.

So, YAY for family time but not the stellar business start I had planned.

Today as I know I’m recovering and feeling a little better every day started to feel bummed out and discouraged at the way things had gone… and for feeling behind… again.

And then I remembered, most things don’t go as planned. More often than not, there are bumps in the road and you don’t get the result you had hoped for. OR things come up you hadn’t expected, OR things just don’t work out the way you thought they would.

Sound familiar? It’s easy when this happens to get discouraged and to change your plan to accommodate your new trajectory. But that isn’t the right way to go about this.

Realize that you can’t control everything.

Realize not everything will work out as you had hoped.

But don’t let that stop you from continuing to move forward. Maybe you have to adjust your timeline a little and you might want to evaluate if your desired outcome is reasonable… but don’t let bumps in the road ever steer you off course.

You may adjust your plan, bring in help, delay your timeline, change the steps, adjust the approach, there is lots you can do but always keep moving forward.

And it’s the same with marketing your business on Facebook. You post on your Facebook page and you hear crickets. Don’t start posting about how bad Facebook is or how the algorithm is hurting you. Adjust, realign, correct and evaluate what you are doing and then keep moving forward.

But, and here’s the key, don’t keep doing it alone. Ask for help if you need it, enlist people to help you achieve your goals, declare them out loud and ask for accountability and support. From the right people.

And then keep moving forward.

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