Facebook Made Easy

Facebook for Business Made Easy Challenge

Are you tired of hearing how many new clients and how much money everyone else is making on Facebook yet your Facebook page is like a cricket convention?

I'll show you how to make your Facebook page profitable in this simple challenge!

Get Ready to..

  • Increase your reach on your page, organically, so that more people are seeing your posts. 
  • Have an increase in engagement on your posts because more people will be able to like, comment and share your content.
  • Have more people ready and eager to work with you!

All in just 30-60 minutes of your day

Start using Facebook to your advantage!

What is the challenge?

5 Days of fun challenge activities delivered to your email each day 

Each challenge is designed to teach you how to use your Facebook page to connect with your audience and get more clients and customers regularly


  • Know when to post your content to get the best result 
  • Know what kind of content to post to get the best engagement out of each post 
  • Use Facebook Live video to reach your target audience and get them to do business with you 
  • How, when and why use to use boosted posts for the win! 


When you sign up now, you'll also receive...

  • My 2018 Badass Success planner to help you set your year up for success.  
  • Join the Badass Facebook Marketing Club on Facebook with over 2200 member’s for you to support and be supported by during the challenge. 
  • Attend free Facebook live trainings each day of the challenge in the group 
  • 24/7 ongoing support and unlimited questions answered by Sherri-Lee in the group during the challenge 
  • Participate in the daily posts with the other members and watch your Facebook results skyrocket! 

Hosted by Sherri-Lee Woycik – Facebook Marketing and Ads Expert

Who’s Sherri-Lee?

I have been working exclusively on Facebook since I started my business in 2011. When my marriage fell apart and I was desperately looking for some way to support myself and my two kids AND continue to unschool them.

I’ve worked with almost every business type out there from authors to automotive shops, from retail to industrial cleaning companies and one thing is the same with them all, if you know HOW to use your Facebook page you can get clients, customers and more income from your time on Facebook without it taking all your time or a massive budget. 

I created this challenge to help you do that. 

If you're ready to use Facebook to grow your business, join NOW!