FB Pixel? What the what? What is it and how to use it.

Do you have your FB pixel installed on your website yet?
Does that sound like a little bit of Greek to you? Don’y worry, it’s really not that complicated but if you are planning on doing any FB ads this year and you have a website and you want to track your results, then getting your FB pixel installed is not optional.
Simply put, it’s a small bit of HTML code, that you create within your ads manager on Facebook, then install on your website.
Super easy to do and I walk you through exactly how in The Ultimate Facebook Ads Masterclass this coming Friday, register HERE.
What does it do? The little bit of code, sits on your website. It doesn’t change the look or feel of your website at all, it’s invisible. But whenever someone comes onto your website to read a blog post, or find out your store hours, that code is activated and it drops a “cookie” on that person’s computer. A cookie is just a little snippet of code as well. It’s pretty standard on the internet and your computer collects cookies on almost every site you visit.
Now, when that person heads back to FB, the code on their computer communicates with FB and if you have an ad set up targeting people who have been on your website, FB will drop that ad in their newsfeed for them to see. And when they see it, they’ll remember you and your business and be much more likely to click through and visit your site, or call you again.
Pretty cool right? Let me add this… have you ever googled for a vacation spot you are dreaming of going to? Looked at the hotel or flights but didn’t book? Then headed back to FB and low and behold, there are ads for the very hotel or airline you were just looking at? Well that’s using the FB pixel and it’s called “retargeting”. And you can do it too!
Imagine how much deeper you can take your relationship with people if you can engage with them on FB after they’ve been to a specific page on your website. Your ad can speak to whatever it was they were looking at. Super cool right?
It’s not too hard to set up, I walk you through it all in the Masterclass and take you through the set up of a high converting Facebook ad, all this coming Friday.
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What is the Masterclass?
It’s a 3 hour, highly interactive webinar where you will learn:
  • * What the FB pixel is, how to create it and install it on your website, so you  can start retargeting your website traffic with FB ads.
  • How to create custom audiences within FB
  • Understand the different types of ads and when to use them
  • How to read the results of your ads
  • Get my Ultimate Facebook Ads Template so you can easily create high  converting ads that don’t cost a fortune
  • Learn the Top 5 ads you must be doing on your page today to reach your    audience and meet your ideal clients
  • Live Q and A
  • Fully recorded and you get lifetime access to those recordings
  • 24/7 ongoing support in the VIP Badass Facebook Marketing Club
This will likely be the last time I deliver it live (until major changes are needed that is) and it’s a steal of a deal at only $47.00
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