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Facebook Ads – Valuable Tool

Facebook can be a really valuable tool for your business, if you know how to use it. I’d like to present you with a brief overview of FB ads as well as some tips and tricks of the trade.

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Now, down to business. There are three basic types of advertisements available on FB:

  • Like Ads – growing the likes on your page
  • Boosted Posts – boosting a post on your page for engagement and reach
  • Custom Audiences – fine-tuned tool that requires a bit of tech know-how

If your goal is to work less and earn more, the rest of this blog is written for you.


Grow your page with targeted likes. Grow your social proof, which means people will like your page and like, comment and share if they see others already doing. The more people you have liking your page, the greater your reach.

Don’t buy likes from 3rd parties such as Fiverr. FB’s terms and conditions specifically say they will shut down your page if they find out you are purchasing likes. If you are looking simply for a number count, that’s not bringing real value to your business. Fake likes are not made by people who will ever be interested in purchasing your product.

What Does History Tell Us About Facebook Ads?

Here is a snapshot of my page like history:

facebook ads

Prior to August of 2013 I was at 1,320 likes, which isn’t bad. I decided I wanted to grow that number. Shortly after that, I began running a FB ad campaign. In a few short weeks, my page likes went up to 5,839 likes and some of my likes were costing me as little as a penny.  In September, I decided to run another campaign. These likes weren’t quite as inexpensive as the last, they were about 12 cents each, but I surpassed 11,000 with a reasonable budget.

These likes aren’t fake or useless. FB ads are the most targeted ads around, especially for the cost. You can target by age, sex, location, language, relationship status, work status, and more!

Promote a Post by Boosting It

Target these groups: people who like your page, their friends and to specific audiences you create. It is a powerful way to get your message across to the right people for cheap!

The Photo Stack – this is a great technique to stay visible in the social stream AND build your social proof. It causes a pattern interrupt in readers, it causes them to stop and take notice because it looks different. It  shows 4 photos, stacked and is visibly much different than a regular post.

facebook ads

Make sure that In the comments you: tag your business page, include a quote that resonates with your target audience and include your business website.  For example, this post attracts attention while sharing amazing images and getting great engagement.

What to Promote

Posts that create a positive emotional charge in the reader, a great picture, an awesome inspiring quote and a call to action – those things are crucial to creating the best posts. Be personable without being intimate and then boost that post!

So, now you know all about Facebook like ads and boosted posts, try a few out and don’t forget to track your results. History can show you what worked the best so you can extrapolate that into future results!

Building custom audiences gets a bit technical, so we’ll save that for next week. Stay tuned for the little details that make a big difference.

Happy Holidays to you and yours,

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