Does the latest Facebook update scare you? Don’t let it, it’s good news IF…

Have you been seeing those posts lately about the Facebook Algorithm and how it’s out to get you as a small business owner?

It’s all over the newsfeed and everyone is talking about it and making wild claims. I’ve even heard it called the Facebook Apocalypse by some marketers. It’s crazy!

First of all, this kind of fear-mongering helps no one and second, Facebook is NOT out to get you and they aren’t trying to shut down small business.

What they are trying to do is make sure that LOTS of people, like 1 billion plus actually USE Facebook and enjoy their time on Facebook so they spend more time on Facebook. And when people use Facebook a lot, you have more chances to do business with them.

Let’s face it, if Facebook goes the way of the dodo, your business page posts won’t get ANY engagement at all!

What Facebook is doing is cutting out the annoying, crappy marketing.

The kind that people are always complaining about, the posts that say, “Click like if you agree” or “Click like for A or Share this post for B” That’s not real Facebook marketing, that’s crappy, lazy marketing and the only purpose of it is to get lots of comments and likes.

Facebook is now saying, they want people to have a less passive experience, they want more conversation and interaction and back and forth.

Gee, that sounds great to me for my business, because people don’t typically BUY from someone they’ve only seen once and clicked like on their post. How well do they know you and your business and the value you offer them from that?

But if you share a post and they reply AND then you REPLY again, and there is a conversation, then you are building a relationship and that is when people will start to buy from you.

I love this move to more engagement and connecting with people on Facebook, it’s what I’ve been teaching my clients and customers for years now and it’s a big focus of The Ultimate Facebook Client Attraction Formula starting in Feb.

I teach you how to narrow down your content to only what works, how to use your content to get to know your ideal client AND how to use that to make more sales and fill more programs. And along the way, everyone in the program supports each other in their efforts and we get the engagement snowball rolling along for each other. Along with lots more like, Facebook ads training and a beautiful lead magnet created for you and your business!

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