Do your ideal clients know what you want them to do?


In the last two articles, we’ve talked about the Compelling Question and the Authority Positioning Statement which are two of the pieces of the Ultimate Facebook Ads formula.

Now, we are going to have a deeper look at the Irresistible Call to Action part. Now, this may seem obvious to you, of course, we want them to click the link or image… or like, comment and share… but it might not be obvious to them. And remember, they are sitting in a hypnotic trance mindlessly thumb scrolling through the newsfeed LOOKING for something to jump out at them. Or they are reading things and nodding in agreement, but what good is that? We need to give our audience clear specific directions on what we want them to do, then we take a little bit of the guess work out of the entire equation.

So, what does that look like?

  • “Click here to get your XYZ”
  • “Comment with the word YES to get the info”
  • “Click here to learn my formula to getting more clients”
  • “Click here to learn how to live a healthier life”
  • “Click here to sign up for the healthy living webinar”

You see it’s not just Click here to sign up, it’s still focused on that solution we’ve told them we provide. So it ties the Compelling Question and the Authority piece together. It reminds people about why they are clicking through, what problem they wanted help solving and gives them a clear direction of what to do.

The purpose of this is to make sure as many people as possible do what you want them to do… that they don’t just read the post and then scroll on by. We want them to stop, read and take action!

Start working on those Irresistible Call to Actions and let me know how it’s going over in the Badass Facebook Marketing Club on Facebook.

In the next article, we are going to talk about The Emotionally Engaging Image. This is such an important part and is likely the first thing people will respond to in the newsfeed so don’t miss this email!

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Sherri-Lee Woycik


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