Create and Boost a Post – Getting it Done Right

FB Posts – How to Create and Boost a Post

In the last blog posts, we discussed the following:

– finding the two best times to post using FB Insights
– creating a theme for each day as a guide for your posts
– scheduling, monitoring and responding to posts, including the results

Check out the previous post here for more details.

Why Boost a Post?

Now, why, how and when should I boost a post? All great questions. You will want to boost a post to get the most amount of traction with the smallest amount of money. Don’t boost every post you make or you’ll go broke! Look for posts that have the most replies, the most likes. Only put money on a post if it will help you accomplish your goals. And remember all ads have specific goals attached to them, boosting a post is great for increasing your reach and engagement on your page, it won’t necessarily get you more likes on your page, although there may be a few, but generally, boosted posts are intended to increase reach and engagement. If the goal of running the ad is different than that, then running a different kind of post might be a better choice for you.


First, Create.
First, you have to create a post that FB will approve and you audience will engage with. Remember boosted posts are ads, so you must stay ad compliant. The biggest mistake I see most people making is using images that have too many words on them, Facebook only allows you to have 20% of the image covered in text, so make sure you are compliant, before running the boosted post.

boost a post 1

Add your copy to the post (a call to action, give away, contest, tools, tips, etc) along with a link to more information. When you add the link, there might not be an image attached. If that happens, you will need to upload a new picture. We previously used the upload image/video button located at the top of the post. However, now there is a new feature in FB, at the bottom of the post, a “plus” sign that allows you to “choose a file to upload”.

boost a post 2

Now that image will become a clickable link to the URL used in the post. FB does it all for you, an awesome upgrade! Then, click “Publish” and you’re done with the first part.

Then, Boost a Post!

Now, it’s time to boost that post! As I mentioned, don’t boost every post; only those that have specific objectives that you can actually measure. Be clear about the purpose. Boosted posts are a way to increase the reach of your post and your engagement. Ads can be run in the Ads Manager or in the post itself.

boost a post 3

This is your AD PREVIEW and where you make your selections.

boost a post 4

Check both mobile and desktop to make sure they are rendering properly. Many people use mobile solely and you want to make sure your post is supported by multiple platforms.

On the left hand side you have Audience and Budget selections to make. In this initial example, I suggest selecting 7 days and $7. If the results are positive on this post, then you can always increase your budget at another time.

Audience Options
Because we are using this to increase our reach and engagement, we select “boost to people who like your page and their friends” for targeting. This means that friends of friends feel a little bit of peer pressure, as FB reminds them that their friends have liked a page.

Location, Location, Location
The location should default to where you are located. You can easily edit, add more or delete countries to boost your post to. You can also narrow down the region further, by province or state and even as narrow as by your city.

Next, choose your duration: 1 day, 7 days, 14 days. In this example we are selecting 7 days.

Select your budget, you can choose your own by typing in the amount to be spent over the number of days you selected.

Verify your payment, then click boost!

Then you will get a notification from Facebook when you are ad has been approved or not.

boost a post 5

Once approved make sure to keep an eye on this post, respond to any comments it gets, make new people feel welcome and be present for the conversation.

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Here are a few tips to make posting easier:

  1. Make sure your landing page goes where it says it goes without a redirect.
  2. As soon as your run an AD on your post, you cannot make any changes or edit it in any way. Once FB approves the post, it is set. If you need to alter it, you must delete and start over.
  3. Make sure to adhere to the 20% rule. Text cannot cover more than 20% of the image.
    **Tool: FB has a tool to help you determine if you are within the 20% rule**

boost a post 6

Then, choose your image file.

boost a post 7

Then, just click on the boxes that contain text and FB will tell you if you are within their parameters.

You can use picmonkey, save it and check image with the FB link, go back to picmonkey, make edits and save again until you get it right.

Now to Recap

Keep using your theme and posting in advance. Then, next week, go back to posts from the prior week. Look for one post you can boost. Then, run the ad for $7 for 7 days. That way, you are spending $1 a day. This will increase the number of people who see your post, which means your reach and engagement also improve. All while keeping costs low as you test the waters.

Make sure your post has a great call to action, contains thought provoking questions, one that asks people for their opinions. Next week, stay tuned as we set up an ad for the same post, that will get more people to click on the link. This will get new people introduced and sent directly to a link to sign up, or whatever the call to action may be.

Make sure to keep tabs on my page; next week we dig a little deeper!

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