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2017 Badass Success Planner Sessions – Part 4

Today in our Facebook Live video, we talked about keeping your daily “to-do” list down to a dull roar and focusing on the ONE THING that, when you do it will make everything else easier for you… so have a quick watch and let me know what you think!

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2017 Badass Success Planner – Part 2

Now that we know how we want to FEEL in 2017, it’s time to start sorting out, what things will lead us towards FEELing what we want and what things aren’t helping and in fact might be taking us away from how we want to FEEL. Knowing these things will help us to determine which offers/opportunities help us to FEEL the way we want, which will make us more likely to stick with it when times get tough and help us create the life of our dreams. ... → Read more

#MotivationalMonday – Aug 24, 2015

How do you care for yourself? I challenge you to ensure you have at least ONE activity on your calendar this week that is just for you and that will fill your soul, so you have more energy and love to give! #selfcarerocks


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#MotivationalMonday – Aug 3, 2015

Let’s DO this! What will you accomplish this week?


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Guest Post – How to Succeed, Schedule Your Time Wisely to Get Tasks Done! – Donya Zimmerman

How to Succeed, Schedule Your Time wisely to get Tasks Done!


Proverbs 3:28, “Don’t say, comeback tomorrow, and then I’ll help you.”  Do not put off what you can do today for tomorrow.  When a task needs to be done, get it done.  You should always schedule your time wisely.  Your daily schedule should only have 2 to 3 tasks to complete each day.  If you have too much on “your plate”, you won’t be able to get anything done. ... → Read more

Guest Post – Spring Cleaning Time, De-clutter Your Mind De-clutter Your Life – Avalaura Gaither Beharry

Spring Cleaning Time, De-clutter Your Mind De-clutter Your Life

Nowadays it’s not only common to carry around a lot of “baggage” or “clutter,” it’s considered normal and is often overlooked.


Not convinced?  Think about the thoughts, experiences and memories you are still holding onto to from last week, last month, last year and even years ago. Things that you feel you shouldn’t have done, could have done better, or anger and resentment you carry towards others. What are those negative thoughts and experiences that play over and over in your head like an old eight track? ... → Read more

Guest Post – There Will Always Be Wind – Jen Blau

­­There Will Always Be Wind {A Stand for Self-Care}

Notebook and Pen

Let’s face it, most women just want to look good, feel good, and live a vibrant life. But here’s the reality:

We put aside our self-care until it’s “the right time”

Like eh….I’ll stop buying junk food when my kids are graduated or eh…I’ll go out for a walk when the wind goes down or the temperature warms up, or I’ll get some sleep when this project is done, etc. Yea. I’ve done it, too. Still do sometimes. But we can’t do this anymore. ... → Read more