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It’s not all about you!

I’ve got a news flash for you. If you are a business owner posting on your FB page about your business, your offers, your products etc, you are the reason your reach sucks. Not FB’s algorithm change. As one famous Youtube star says… it’s not all about you.

And if all you do is post about you, you will not like your results. ... → Read more

2017 Badass Success Planner – Part 1

This time of year is all about the resolutions, isn’t it? Ever since Dec, all we’ve heard is what is your goal for 2017, what is your word to guide you and much more. Yet rarely do we do more than set the goal and then a few weeks later, we end up feeling sad and depressed because we haven’t made a move towards the goal, I mean how do we GET to these huge, lofty goals, if we keep doing the same things we did before? We need daily, focused steps to help us achieve those big goals… setting them is just the first step, then we need to have a system and plan as to what we are going to do to GET to them. ... → Read more

#MotivationalMonday April 4, 2016


Monday Morning, there is something about it that brings about new hope and a fresh perspective. Even though I haven’t worked a Monday to Friday for most of my life, I still feel the rhythm of that routine… although Sunday’s are turning into massive planning and prep days for me and Monday is where I start to execute, it still feels new and fresh each week. Whatever happened yesterday or last week is gone this is a clean slate, so now all you have to do is use today to lay the foundation of the tomorrow. I’ve started following the teachings of Gary Keller in The One Thing, which has been an eye-opening read for sure! It talks about reducing all the busy work down to the ONE THING that will lead you closer to your goals and the clarity that comes with that, so today, what is the one thing you can do that will make everything else easier and move you closer to your goals? ... → Read more

#MotivationMonday March 14, 2016

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It’s been a tough few weeks for me, lots going on personally that have taken my attention and making me ask some hard questions about how I want to spend the rest of my life, what do I want to do and what do I get the most joy out of.

Really the questioning started in January, when getting back to work after my first real Christmas break was HARD! And it made me think… how do I want to spend my time. I started saying “if I’m not having fun, I’m not doing it” because I recognized that having fun had been in short supply for too long and I wanted more of it, but as I asked that question more and more, I realized there were too many times I could say “nope, I’m not having fun”. ... → Read more

#motivationmonday – Feb 8, 2016

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Today is family day here in BC and while I’m taking most of the day off, I’m getting some work done while the kids sleep in.

And while I love my family, I’ve realized over the last few years, family isn’t defined by blood or marriage, it’s defined by the people who stick with you and support you through thick or thin and always have your back. I’ve got some great support in my journey of recovery from my marriage, raising my kids myself, building and growing a business and rediscovering my dreams after years of shoving them down. ... → Read more

#MotivationMonday – Feb 1, 2016

Feb 1 2016

Good Monday Morning!

We made it through January, with very few bumps and given that mercury was in retrograde for most of the month that’s surprising to me. January is usually a month of struggle for me, I feel bummed out after Christmas and seem to have a challenge with keeping my energy and motivation going, but not this year… so I’m stoked about that and am looking forward to an even better Feb. ... → Read more

#MotivationalMonday – Jan 18, 2016

Good Monday Morning! Are you motivated for your week? How do you set your intentions and plans for the week and how do you stay on track when there is a bump on the road? Remember, “the mind is everything, what you think you become” so as you move through your week think about and plan out how you will deal with the bumps. ... → Read more

#MotivationalMonday – Dec 7, 2015

Somedays it’s harder to get motivated than others. Sometimes we have a plan then some sort of speed bump knocks that plan off and we have to readjust and sometimes that’s hard… no matter what challenges you have, keeping motivated is key to your success. Get more motivation on my Facebook page HERE.

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Motivational Monday – Nov 16, 2015

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#MotivationalMonday Sept 28, 2015 – Create

Everything is about creating… create your life, your story, your business, your family… it never stops. I’ve created a life I’m so proud of with my kids since my marriage ended… I FEEL gratitude daily for it, I can’t believe how lucky I am to be here in this place then I remember… I created it. We don’t always know what we will create next, sometimes, we just have to keep stepping forward and know, BELIEVE, that it’s taking us in the right direction to some amazing creation! What are you creating today, this week, this month, this year? ... → Read more