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Does the latest Facebook update scare you? Don’t let it, it’s good news IF…

Have you been seeing those posts lately about the Facebook Algorithm and how it’s out to get you as a small business owner?

It’s all over the newsfeed and everyone is talking about it and making wild claims. I’ve even heard it called the Facebook Apocalypse by some marketers. It’s crazy!

First of all, this kind of fear-mongering helps no one and second, Facebook is NOT out to get you and they aren’t trying to shut down small business. ... → Read more

5 Types of ads to use with The Ultimate Facebook Ads Formula

Now that you’ve claimed The Ultimate Facebook Ads template and workbook and you’ve had a chance to work through it, you must be thinking about all the different ways you can use this formula in your ads.

Well, I’m happy to say that this formula will work on many different ad types and I wanted to share my top 5 ad objectives you can use it on. ... → Read more

Are you known as the Authority to your audience?

In the last email, we talked about how important the Compelling Question (Did you miss it? READ IT HERE) is to getting your audience to stop scrolling and to read your post on Facebook. Now we’ve asked them the question that gets them saying “HELL YES” to us, now we need to let them know we have the solution for them to this big problem. ... → Read more

2017 Badass Success Planner Sessions – Part 5 – Using Facebook to Get more Clients and Customers!

Start planning how you’ll use Facebook to get more clients and customers with Part 5 of the 2017 Badass Success Planner and then register for the Facebook for Business Made Easy challenge starting on Monday, Jan 30 and get the planner as a bonus. Sign Up Here

Check out the part 5 video and start getting more clients from Facebook NOW! ... → Read more

2017 Badass Success Planner Sessions – Part 4

Today in our Facebook Live video, we talked about keeping your daily “to-do” list down to a dull roar and focusing on the ONE THING that, when you do it will make everything else easier for you… so have a quick watch and let me know what you think!

Check out the part 4 video and be sure to join me on my FACEBOOK PAGE tomorrow for Part 5. And if you’d like your own 2017 Badass Success Planner and to join me in the Facebook for Business Made Easy FREE, 5-day challenge, CLICK HERE! ... → Read more

Does the engagement on your Facebook page suck?


Do you spend countless hours creating content, posting and then waiting for someone… anyone, to see your post and then respond? And then when nothing happens how discouraged do you feel?

I know how you feel… I’ve been there. It used to be just like that on my Facebook page too and I always thought, what was wrong with my content that I couldn’t get any activity on it? We all know that engagement and reach are really important pieces to having success on Facebook, because let’s face it, we all want to sell our products and services to other people and the only way to sell to these people is for them to see our posts on our page and if they aren’t seeing our posts then they can’t like and comment and most importantly BUY from us! So what are we supposed to do? ... → Read more

Create and Boost a Post – Getting it Done Right

FB Posts – How to Create and Boost a Post

In the last blog posts, we discussed the following:

– finding the two best times to post using FB Insights
– creating a theme for each day as a guide for your posts
– scheduling, monitoring and responding to posts, including the results

Check out the previous post here for more details.

Why Boost a Post?

Now, why, how and when should I boost a post? All great questions. You will want to boost a post to get the most amount of traction with the smallest amount of money. Don’t boost every post you make or you’ll go broke! Look for posts that have the most replies, the most likes. Only put money on a post if it will help you accomplish your goals. And remember all ads have specific goals attached to them, boosting a post is great for increasing your reach and engagement on your page, it won’t necessarily get you more likes on your page, although there may be a few, but generally, boosted posts are intended to increase reach and engagement. If the goal of running the ad is different than that, then running a different kind of post might be a better choice for you. ... → Read more

Guest Blog – Creating Content: Tricks to Get your Business Website to the – Brooke Chaplan

Creating Content: Tricks to Get your Business Website to the Top

Website content must be engaging and original. In fact, Google’s complex algorithms infamously penalize sites that duplicate content. To have a successful business and brand you have to make sure your website isn’t falling behind. Following the four tips below will help get your business website to the top and keep your content new and exciting. ... → Read more

Guest Post – How to Create a New Speech: Step-by-Step – Ava Diamond

How to Create a New Speech: Step-by-Step

“Do you know what’s most frustrating to me right now?”  I was having lunch with a corporate client, and she was about five minutes into a serious rant.

Image 1

“The lack of leadership in my organization.  Everyone is waiting for someone else to take a leadership role.  They expect that the senior leaders will tell them exactly what to do, and will hold their hands as they’re doing it.  We need people to step up.  We need them to be creative. We need them to lead, wherever they are in the organization! ... → Read more