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Do your ideal clients know what you want them to do?

In the last two articles, we’ve talked about the Compelling Question and the Authority Positioning Statement which are two of the pieces of the Ultimate Facebook Ads formula.

Now, we are going to have a deeper look at the Irresistible Call to Action part. Now, this may seem obvious to you, of course, we want them to click the link or image… or like, comment and share… but it might not be obvious to them. And remember, they are sitting in a hypnotic trance mindlessly thumb scrolling through the newsfeed LOOKING for something to jump out at them. Or they are reading things and nodding in agreement, but what good is that? We need to give our audience clear specific directions on what we want them to do, then we take a little bit of the guess work out of the entire equation.

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Are you known as the Authority to your audience?

In the last email, we talked about how important the Compelling Question (Did you miss it? READ IT HERE) is to getting your audience to stop scrolling and to read your post on Facebook. Now we’ve asked them the question that gets them saying “HELL YES” to us, now we need to let them know we have the solution for them to this big problem.

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Who are you targeting in your Facebook ads?

Now that we know all about pixels and choosing the right objective, the next thing we need to do is target our ads in the right way to get the results that we want. After we choose our objective, Facebook will want us to tell them who to show the ads to, after all with over a billion active users, we can’t just throw spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks here, we have to be specific. So we can target “cold” traffic, which is typically people we don’t know yet, who don’t know us but who we know we can help. OR “Warm” traffic who are usually people who we are retargeting from our email list or from our website traffic with the FB pixel, like we talked about on Monday. With cold traffic we can target based similar interests, other pages or businesses people might follow, location, age, gender, marital status and much more. With cold traffic we are just at the beginning of our relationship with them and we want to start slow and just offer an amazing way to connect and engage and grow our budding relationship. As they get to know us, maybe they’ve clicked on a link to our site (triggering that FB pixel) or claiming your freebie/lead magnet then the relationship has grown a little bit and they aren’t cold anymore, they remember you, you’ve helped them and they become warm and we can deeper our relationship with them by making offers and speaking as we would to a long time customer or friend. The science of targeting is something I go into in The Ultimate Facebook Ads Masterclass this coming Friday and I’d love for you to join me. Register HERE Knowing how to create content and ads that walk each person through this relationship will take you from wasting money to making money with your Facebook ads.

What is the Masterclass?

It’s a 3 hour, highly interactive webinar where you will learn:
  • What the FB pixel is, how to create it and install it on your website, so you  can start retargeting your website traffic with FB ads.
  • How to create custom audiences within FB
  • Understand the different types of ads and when to use them
  • How to read the results of your ads
  • Get my Ultimate Facebook Ads Template so you can easily create high  converting ads that don’t cost a fortune
  • Learn the Top 5 ads you must be doing on your page today to reach your    audience and meet your ideal clients
  • Live Q and A
  • Fully recorded and you get lifetime access to those recordings
  • 24/7 ongoing support in the VIP Badass Facebook Marketing Club

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Are you using Facebook Ads Effectively?

It seems these days that Facebook ads are becoming all the rage, everyone is wanting to learn how to do them, how to make them convert and how to have the best ad out there. It’s hard to top the competition if you don’t know how to create high converting Facebook ads to draw in the right market the one you’re trying to attract. Are you stuck trying to figure out how to make your Facebook ads convert and then recreate that same process over and over again?

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2017 Badass Success Planner Sessions – Part 5 – Using Facebook to Get more Clients and Customers!

Start planning how you’ll use Facebook to get more clients and customers with Part 5 of the 2017 Badass Success Planner and then register for the Facebook for Business Made Easy challenge starting on Monday, Jan 30 and get the planner as a bonus. Sign Up Here

Check out the part 5 video and start getting more clients from Facebook NOW!

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2017 Badass Success Planner Sessions – Part 4

Today in our Facebook Live video, we talked about keeping your daily “to-do” list down to a dull roar and focusing on the ONE THING that, when you do it will make everything else easier for you… so have a quick watch and let me know what you think!

Check out the part 4 video and be sure to join me on my FACEBOOK PAGE tomorrow for Part 5. And if you’d like your own 2017 Badass Success Planner and to join me in the Facebook for Business Made Easy FREE, 5-day challenge, CLICK HERE!

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2017 Badass Success Planner Sessions – Part 3

Now you know how you want to FEEL. You know what you want MORE of and what you want LESS of as well. NOW, let’s start talking, planning and setting some goals that are created to set us up for success!! Because that’s what I want for you, massive success in 2017!

Check out the part 3 video and be sure to join me on my FACEBOOK PAGE tomorrow for Part 4. And if you’d like your own 2017 Badass Success Planner and to join me in the Facebook for Business Made Easy FREE, 5-day challenge, CLICK HERE!

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2017 Badass Success Planner – Part 2

Now that we know how we want to FEEL in 2017, it’s time to start sorting out, what things will lead us towards FEELing what we want and what things aren’t helping and in fact might be taking us away from how we want to FEEL. Knowing these things will help us to determine which offers/opportunities help us to FEEL the way we want, which will make us more likely to stick with it when times get tough and help us create the life of our dreams.

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2017 Badass Success Planner – Part 1

This time of year is all about the resolutions, isn’t it? Ever since Dec, all we’ve heard is what is your goal for 2017, what is your word to guide you and much more. Yet rarely do we do more than set the goal and then a few weeks later, we end up feeling sad and depressed because we haven’t made a move towards the goal, I mean how do we GET to these huge, lofty goals, if we keep doing the same things we did before? We need daily, focused steps to help us achieve those big goals… setting them is just the first step, then we need to have a system and plan as to what we are going to do to GET to them.

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Top 5 Reasons you should be using Facebook Live in your business!

Facebook Live is the hottest new tool to build connections and grow your business on Facebook.


It’s live, instant and easy to do.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically live stream video of you right from your phone to your page, profile or group. What a great way to create content for your page, connect with your audience and deliver your message!

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