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Are you known as the Authority to your audience?

In the last email, we talked about how important the Compelling Question (Did you miss it? READ IT HERE) is to getting your audience to stop scrolling and to read your post on Facebook. Now we’ve asked them the question that gets them saying “HELL YES” to us, now we need to let them know we have the solution for them to this big problem. ... → Read more

Facebook’s Recent Changes Are A Good Thing For Business

Recently Facebook made another change to the way our Facebook page posts are viewed, or not in some people’s minds. It seems that Facebook will be giving greater reach to posts that come from your friends than from businesses – organically. Now since Facebook was set up as a social network for people to connect with people this isn’t a bad move right? Since people complain about too many people doing business on Facebook it isn’t bad, right? Here’s the thing… my friends and family’s posts should come first; I agree with that. Then relevant business posts should come next for me. And how does Facebook know what’s relevant to me? Based on my previous engagement is one of the keys, so if I haven’t engaged with any of your posts for awhile, then I likely won’t keep seeing your posts, sounds good to me, too! After all, why would I want my newsfeed cluttered up with posts from people and businesses I haven’t engaged with for awhile, right? Now some are saying your organic reach will go as long as 1%… that’s ok too and here’s why. ... → Read more

#MotivationMonday March 14, 2016

motivation wordle

It’s been a tough few weeks for me, lots going on personally that have taken my attention and making me ask some hard questions about how I want to spend the rest of my life, what do I want to do and what do I get the most joy out of.

Really the questioning started in January, when getting back to work after my first real Christmas break was HARD! And it made me think… how do I want to spend my time. I started saying “if I’m not having fun, I’m not doing it” because I recognized that having fun had been in short supply for too long and I wanted more of it, but as I asked that question more and more, I realized there were too many times I could say “nope, I’m not having fun”. ... → Read more

Facebook Ads – Become an Expert

Facebook Ads – Valuable Tool

Facebook can be a really valuable tool for your business, if you know how to use it. I’d like to present you with a brief overview of FB ads as well as some tips and tricks of the trade.

Check out my last blog post with tips on increasing reach and engagement HERE.

Now, down to business. There are three basic types of advertisements available on FB: ... → Read more

Create and Boost a Post – Getting it Done Right

FB Posts – How to Create and Boost a Post

In the last blog posts, we discussed the following:

– finding the two best times to post using FB Insights
– creating a theme for each day as a guide for your posts
– scheduling, monitoring and responding to posts, including the results

Check out the previous post here for more details.

Why Boost a Post?

Now, why, how and when should I boost a post? All great questions. You will want to boost a post to get the most amount of traction with the smallest amount of money. Don’t boost every post you make or you’ll go broke! Look for posts that have the most replies, the most likes. Only put money on a post if it will help you accomplish your goals. And remember all ads have specific goals attached to them, boosting a post is great for increasing your reach and engagement on your page, it won’t necessarily get you more likes on your page, although there may be a few, but generally, boosted posts are intended to increase reach and engagement. If the goal of running the ad is different than that, then running a different kind of post might be a better choice for you. ... → Read more

Reach and Engagement – Finding Fan Habits

When are your fans online?

You can find out when the majority of people that like you are online. Click on “Insights” which is only seen by the admin of your page. Here is an overview of your page and analytics.


Click on the tab for “Posts” FB will show you when your fans are on FB. Most people don’t come back to your page once they like it. They are banking on seeing your posts in their feed. Pick the two peak times of the day and schedule your posts when most of your connections are online. ... → Read more

Reach and Engagement – Scheduling Posts

Reach and Engagement – Scheduling Posts

Reach and engagement are becoming increasingly important. One of the best ways to reach and engage your audience is through posts. It’s recommended to post three to five times each day! Do you have the time? One way to manage time spent on social media is to schedule posts in advance. ... → Read more

Reach and Engagement – a New Standard

Reach and Engagement – a New Standard

Why is it so important? This is a much-debated, hot topic. It’s one of those foundational items that can make a big difference in the success of your business. Sales is a numbers game, as is reach and engagement. By itself, reach and engagement are not going to put money in the bank. ... → Read more

Guest Post – Why Public Relations Should Play a Role in Your Social Media Marketing – Ani Oaks

Why Public Relations Should Play a Role in Your Social Media Marketing

While social media marketers and public relations managers play two very important roles within an organization, in some senses both teams can work together for the greater good. More and more organizations are shifting their focus to going social when it comes to marketing, customer service and even public relations. As consumers and different PR outlets look for companies who allow interactions and who keep their audience engaged, platforms like Twitter and Facebook become more and more popular and useful. Here are just a few reasons why PR should play a role in social media marketing. ... → Read more

#MotivationalMonday Sept 28, 2015 – Create

Everything is about creating… create your life, your story, your business, your family… it never stops. I’ve created a life I’m so proud of with my kids since my marriage ended… I FEEL gratitude daily for it, I can’t believe how lucky I am to be here in this place then I remember… I created it. We don’t always know what we will create next, sometimes, we just have to keep stepping forward and know, BELIEVE, that it’s taking us in the right direction to some amazing creation! What are you creating today, this week, this month, this year? ... → Read more