Are you using Facebook Ads Effectively?

It seems these days that Facebook ads are becoming all the rage, everyone is wanting to learn how to do them, how to make them convert and how to have the best ad out there. It’s hard to top the competition if you don’t know how to create high converting Facebook ads to draw in the right market the one you’re trying to attract. Are you stuck trying to figure out how to make your Facebook ads convert and then recreate that same process over and over again?

Here at Social Media Minder we are hosting a masterclass this week all about Facebook ads and you are going to learn a ton of stuff! It’s 3 hours of learning the exact steps that it takes to get set up to ensure that you have high converting ads that are going to draw in your target market and draw in the leads that you need in your business.

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In this course you’re going to learn about managing your ads within Facebook and how to get the ads manager all set up and ready to set up your first ad campaign.

Facebook Ads Masterclass

You are also going to be learning about the different types of ads that you can run with Facebook and when you should use each one. When you should boost a post (a specific type of ad), when you should boost an event, when you should promote your page or your website or both, when you should promote your call to action button, and exactly how to do each one so that you reach your intended purpose with each.

Facebook Ads Masterclass

You’ll also learn what the new Facebook Pixel is and how to install it. What to use it for, how to use it, where to install it and how to gain from it.

Facebook Ads Masterclass


You’ll also learn how to create an audience on Facebook that tracks your website traffic so you can create ads specific to them and reach your target market.

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Facebook Ads Masterclass


So you’ll be able to tell who is viewing your page, where they’re from, what language they speak, even their interests, whether they are male or female and what time of day they normally are on your page. Then you’ll be able to better target when to have your ads appear and where.

You’ll also be able to read the results of your Facebook ads so that you know if they are working or not. Are they converting the way that you anticipated? Are you getting the leads that you need them to? If they are not, where can you tweak them and help them to increase and bring in more leads for you.

If you’ve been running ads already then you know that it’s important to know how to run them effectively. The goal of an ad may vary depending on the type of ad that you are running, you may be trying to increase the exposure to your Facebook page or even your website or you may be trying to increase the sign up rates to your newsletter or awesome freebie. Whatever it is that you are using a Facebook ad for, you need to know how to make every single penny on that campaign work for you and for your business.

Facebook marketing is huge and you need to know how to harness the power in all of it. You can know how to do all of this effectively yourself, plus you can also get some great bonuses. There isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t see an ad on Facebook for something.

Facebook Ads Masterclass

Facebook ads are going to be your key to reach those who you need to reach through Facebook. Learn how to reach them properly!

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