Are you tired of wasting money on Facebook ads?

Are you tired of wasting money on Facebook ads? I have to ask it. You see, I talk to people everyday who tell me they’ve used Facebook ads and they just don’t work for them or their business. And I know how they feel… have you been there? Facebook ads can be confusing and overwhelming and frustrating and insert your own feeling here!

But I know that Facebook ads can work for you because I’ve helped implement Facebook ads for years now for everyone from coaches, authors to local brick and mortar businesses and I’ve seen them work! Thousands of email sign ups, events booked and overflowing, Facebook authority grown, calendars booked and hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, don’t lie. It can be done, you just need the formula!

Today I want to share the formula with you! I’m got a series of blog posts to share with you over the next couple of weeks about this, so I hope you’ll stick around while I teach you my Ultimate Facebook Ads Formula.

Today, we are going to talk about the first piece of that puzzle… the Compelling Question piece.

This is the start of the ad post. It’s intended to get people to say YES to the question. We want to ask a question drives quickly through the noise and speaks to their biggest problem RIGHT NOW. You know the one, that problem that keeps your customers and clients from breaking through their barriers to achieving their goals, to hiring you to help them do that. We want to start with a bang and this question is intended to get them to resoundingly say YES and to read on to the rest of the post.

Remember, people will be seeing your ads in their newsfeed, so they are hypnotically scrolling past post after post, blindly looking for the answer. You need to make them stop. The Emotionally Engaging Image you use is probably the first thing that gets them, more about that in another email but then we need to hook them and keep them reading our words! That’s the Compelling Question.

  • Are you tired of wasting money on Facebook ads?
  • Would you like to break past your money blocks and create the business of your dreams?
  • Tired of chasing clients just to hear no?
  • Looking for a fun activity for the family this weekend?
  • Are you struggling with creating a health lifestyle for yourself and your family?

All of these are examples of Compelling Question that solves your audience’s biggest problem and gets them to keep reading.

This is the first piece in a high converting Facebook ad and the key to creating these Compelling Questions comes down to knowing your ideal client/customer and what their biggest pain is in their life and business.

Do you know that? It’s the key.

If you’ve got some Compelling Questions you’d like to run by me, please pop over to the Badass Facebook Marketing Club on Facebook and ask me! I’d love to help you out with this!

And watch for my next blog post in a couple of days where we will talk about the next piece in the Ultimate Facebook Ads Template – The Authority Positioning Piece!

And sign up for my Ultimate Facebook Ads Challenge, where you will get to set up your first, or your next high-converting Facebook ad with my help. Register HERE!

Until then, see you on Facebook!





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