Are you known as the Authority to your audience?


In the last email, we talked about how important the Compelling Question (Did you miss it? READ IT HERE) is to getting your audience to stop scrolling and to read your post on Facebook. Now we’ve asked them the question that gets them saying “HELL YES” to us, now we need to let them know we have the solution for them to this big problem.

How do we do this? We let them know we’ve been there before too, we share how the challenge affected us and how we over came that challenge… and we share how we’ve helped others do the same.

This lets our ideal client know that we get how awful that problem feels, we’ve felt just how they are right now, we’ve been down but we created a system/plan/program whatever that helped us to overcome that obstacle.

So we start with “Me too!” as in you’ve felt the way they have about that Compelling Question, or “I’ve been there too!” Or “I know how you feel!” Something that lets them know they you get their PAIN! Tell a bit about your (or your clients) story about where you were and how you created the system, product, or service that helped you get over the problem and now you are making it available for others too.

Be personable here. Don’t be afraid to share private (not intimate) stuff with your prospective clients. They want to know you in a deeper way. Give them this connection.

Make sure to share how you’ve helped others with the same issue too, this builds the authority, but only say this if you truly have… totally honesty is the way to go here. And, please make sure you have the permission of your client to share their story.

All this lets your ideal client know you’ve been there, you’ve overcome and you have a mission to share the HOW with others.

Next, we’ll get into the next piece of the Ultimate Facebook Ad, the Irresistible Call to Action in the next article.

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Watch for my next email and let’s continue creating your Ultimate Facebook Ad.

Until then, see you on Facebook,

Sherri-Lee Woycik

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